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MIDAQ acquires Stemo

7 September 2021

MIDAQ has today acquired 100% of the shares in Stemo AB and Stemo GmbH from Agne and Britt Johansson.

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New CFO for MIDAQ Outdoor Living

5 July 2021

With the latest acquisition of Svenska Bad, the MIDAQ Outdoor Living business area continues to grow at a rapid pace. The business area consists of, besides Svenska Bad, also Hillerstorps Trä, Gårdsman, and Simons Industri.

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MIDAQ acquires Svenska Bad

30 June 2021

MIDAQ has today acquired 70% of the shares in Svenska Bad AB, Nordpool SPA AS and Boanäs Fastighets AB from Mikael Karlsson and Magnus Karlsson.

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MIDAQ establishes Industry

17 June 2021

As part of the growth, MIDAQ is expanding horizontally and starting the MIDAQ Industry business area.

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New CEO of Mecs

4 February 2021

MIDAQ has recruited Charlie Ahlbin as the new CEO for Mecs strategy and communication agency, a part of the Consulting business area.

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MIDAQ acquires By Rydéns and Mono Light

14 September 2020

MIDAQ AB today acquires, via the MIDAQ Indoor Living business area, 80% of the shares in Light Future AB (By Rydéns and Mono Light) from Håkan Schill, Magnus Wik, Annelie Rydén Wik, and Claes Rydén.

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