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Our business areas

Outdoor Living

MIDAQ Outdoor Living is a business area with focus on a rich outdoor life. With strong brands, quality and competences we help people spend more time in an outdoor environment.
We offer outdoor products for homes and gardens, parks and forests, as well as public environments and companies.
With strong brands as Hillerstorp, Gårdsman, Husqvarna, Stihl, Gardena, Fogelsta etc, we offer a wide range of products and increased opportunities for a rich outdoor life.
The business is conducted through companies in Sweden, Hong Kong and China.


Hillerstorp Outdoor Living AB
Gårdsman AB


Indoor Living

MIDAQ Indoor Living is a business area that focuses on products for a quality and comfortable indoor life. With a portfolio of strong brands as Dualit, Joseph & Joseph, Rivsalt, Tina, Scandinavian Home, Kilner, Royal Touch etc retail dealers, private individuals and companies are offered a wide range of high-quality products for a comfortable indoor life. The business is conducted through companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.





MIDAQ Relocation is a business area focusing on mobility and assignment services. The clients consist of companies and public sectors, private individuals and partners who focus on improving their strategic position with us. The services include Immigration and Visa, Relocation, Mobility and International Moving. The business is conducted through companies in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.


Alfa Moving SE
Alfa Moving DK
Alfa Moving FI
Alfa Moving NO
Oslo Relocation



MIDAQ Consulting is a business area operating in finance and IT. The range of services include financial and business operations, accounting, transaction consulting, cloud-based IT services and more. This business area provides clients with innovative solutions in a simple, smart and local way.




The service business area includes properties and property services for the companies within the MIDAQ Group. This business area handles all property related issues for the Group’s 21 business locations in Scandinavia and Asia.


MIDAQ Properties



MIDAQ AB is an investment company that develops and invests in mid-sized companies with established business models, leading marketing positions, proprietary products of services and strong brands.

MIDAQ was established in 2017 and is owned by entrepreneurs. All investments are planned for a long-term perspective. MIDAQ’s passion and firm belief is that long-term value creation creates the absolute best conditions for a company to develop and grow.

Active ownership and a sustainable long-term perspective

Active Ownership

As owners of MIDAQ we work closely together with our subsidiaries’ executive management. We also cherish the companies’ independence and local responsibility.

Together with our subsidiaries, we work via board work and strategic projects.

To create a solid ground for development and expansion we use our strength in sharing our operational experience, competences in our networks and strategic planning.

Sustainable long-term perspective

We are aware of that it takes time to build successful companies. The success is achieved through a combination of innovations, implementation/execution and sustainability. Our investors share the same view and are able to invest over a longer period of time.

We are looking to acquire more companies

MIDAQ is in a build-up phase and is looking to acquire new companies that fit into our business model. We are also interested in additional acquisitions to existing business units. We invest in mid-sized companies with established business models, leading market positions and strong brands.  

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