Business model

MIDAQ AB (mid-size acquisitions) is an investment company that invests in and develops medium-sized companies with established business models, leading market positions, own products or services, and strong brands. MIDAQ acquires the majority of the companies and looks favorably on when the seller wants to reinvest in the company. Our vision is active ownership, long-term perspective, and sustainable development.

As owners, we work closely with our subsidiary companies' management while at the same time safeguarding the companies' independence and local responsibility. We have a decentralized organization where each subsidiary has great autonomy. This means that the daily decisions are made close to the business and only to a limited extent with the involvement of MIDAQ. Together with our subsidiaries, we work through board work and strategic projects.

Our focus is primarily on acquiring stable, developable, and well-managed companies within our existing business areas. This allows us the opportunity to create synergies both within the business area and within the Group. Our business areas operate in several industries, which contributes to limiting business risk over time. In addition, several of our business areas are relatively independent of economic developments.

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