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MIDAQ AB is an investment company from Småland with a business concept to invest and develop medium-sized companies with their own products or services and with a strong position in the market.

Through MIDAQ’s vision: active ownership, long-term perspective and sustainable development, MIDAQ wants to integrate the vision with all the companies in the Group.

The overall environmental policy covers all companies in the MIDAQ Group. The following section refers to MIDAQ as the parent company, framework, or the subsidiaries’ own environmental policy:

  • The environmental policy must be followed by the parent company, subsidiaries, and other stakeholders where applicable.
  • The subsidiary is responsible for following the guidelines set by the parent company and the subsidiary's board/management.
  • The subsidiary is responsible for creating an environmental policy adapted to the company’s environmental impact, environmental goals, and opportunity for action.
  • Based on MIDAQ AB's environmental policy, each individual board and management of the subsidiaries must take responsibility for the implementation and follow-up of their own environmental policy.

Environmental goals

 MIDAQ's environmental impact varies as the parent company's business concept is based on long-term investments in companies with different business orientations. The parent company's own business operations are conducted from the company's head office in Jönköping, Sweden, where the ambition is to minimize the environmental footprint as much as possible. The environmental work must be integrated into the company in the following way: •   The MIDAQ Group will act as a role model in sustainability issues.•   The parent company is responsible for guiding the subsidiaries in the group around environmental work and thus creating the right conditions for sustainable development.•   Environmental aspects are important in investment processes and decisions regarding acquisitions of companies.•   Through MIDAQ's vision, active ownership, long-term perspective and sustainable development, all companies require that environmental issues will be discussed regularly by the board and company management as part of the sustainability work.

Environmental goals for the MIDAQ Group:

In accordance with Agenda 2030 and UN’s global goals, established for a sustainable development, MIDAQ has the following environmental goals for all companies in the Group:

  • Annually reduce the energy consumption in relation to net sales.
  • Only use renewable energy in 2030
  • Prevent and reduce pollution and the use of harmful substances.
  • Ensure that the environmental perspective is part of all business decisions.

Environmental work for subsidiaries

The subsidiaries in the Group must apply an environmental policy that describes how the company works with environmental issues. The environmental policy must specify which processes in the company have the greatest environmental impact and which environmental goals the company has. It must also specify how the company is to act to achieve the environmental goals that have been decided. Environmental work and policy must be reported and evaluated every year. The annual outcome thus creates a basis for continuous improvement.

November 9, 2021

The board of MIDAQ AB



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