Sell to MIDAQ

MIDAQ works with acquisitions in a structured and long-term manner. Potential acquisition candidates can be identified through any of the following processes:

  •  MIDAQ's outreach activities
  • Direct contact from the seller to MIDAQ
  •  Through own networks
  •  Via company brokers

Selling is a complicated process that often takes longer than you think. MIDAQ, therefore, creates security for the seller, and the sales process is simplified to the greatest possible extent.

First meeting with MIDAQ

The first meeting with MIDAQ is informal and is more of a get-to-know-each-other meeting. If both parties feel trust for one another, a new meeting is decided. If the company is sold through a broker, a presentation of the broker is arranged with the company management and the seller.

Price indication and declaration of intent

MIDAQ analyzes the company based on obtained and known information such as financial position, business risk, market position, history, and more. The analyses lead to a price indication and then to a letter of intent that includes secrecy for both parties and an exclusivity period.

Company review

The next step is for MIDAQ to conduct due diligence in which the company's operations, financial position, and legal issues are examined. MIDAQ has created an internal and an external effective review process to give both parties a good and meaningful review.

Agreement and access

Final negotiations on details take place between the parties. Purchase contract and required documentation are drawn up, and the transaction is completed.

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