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VALIDI, part of MIDAQ, acquires Ekoteamet

VALIDI acquires 90% of the shares in Ekoteamet Växjö from NAB Solutions AB and with the acquisition gets a good platform to expand our operations in Småland. Following the acquisition of Ekoteamet, VALIDI has established offices in Jönköping, Anderstorp and Växjö. Jenny Andersson, accounting economist and site manager at the Växjö office, remains a partner. […]

MIDAQ investerar för framtiden och etablerar CloudIQ

MIDAQ establishes the IT company CloudIQ AB, a new subsidiary of MIDAQ Consulting AB. CloudIQ works with a wide range of cloud-based IT services and provides clients with innovative solutions in a simple, smart and Småland way. CloudIQ has offices in central Jönköping. Read more at www.cloudiq.se

New CEO of MIDAQ Outdoor Living

MIDAQ has recruited Jonas Netterström as the new CEO and business area manager to the MIDAQ Outdoor Living AB business area. The business area consists of the companies Hillerstorps Trä AB, Gårdsman AB and Simons Metall AB. Jonas Netterström has extensive experience from consumer products, outdoor and strong brands and most recently came from Cycleurope […]

MIDAQ acquires Simons Metall AB

Via MIDAQ Outdoor Living AB, MIDAQ has acquired 100% of the shares in Simons Metall AB from Torbjörn Nordenström. Simons Metall manufactures and sells plastic boat fittings and blow molds for the outdoor environment, such as floating elements and buoys (simonsmetall.se). The business will continue to be led by CEO Torbjörn Nordenström. The company fits […]

Proud sponsor of Team Rynkeby / Barncancerfonden 2020

MIDAQ celebrates the new year by becoming a gold sponsor for the charity project Team Rynkeby / Childhood Cancer Foundation 2020. The Team Rynkeby Foundation supports research on childhood cancer in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Switzerland. We look forward to following the cyclists’ and support team’s journey to Paris.

MIDAQ has signed an agreement with YMCA Jönköping

During the autumn, MIDAQ signed an agreement with YMCA Jönköping regarding support for young people and families who do not have the financial opportunity to participate in activities such as e.g. camp or sports activities. With the support, MIDAQ wants to contribute to young people in society having a meaningful and active leisure time.

MIDAQ acquires Magasin Group

MIDAQ has today, via the new business area MIDAQ Indoor Living, acquired 100% of the shares in Magasin Group from Johan and Wolfgang Jüngling, Jüngling Group. Magasin Group was started in 1971 and consists of companies in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The Group has sales of just over SEK 100 million and has a […]

Validigruppen AB

MIDAQ is today establishing our new and latest subsidiary, Validigruppen AB. Validi works with financial, business and transaction consulting and has offices in Jönköping and Anderstorp. Read more at www.validi.se  

MIDAQ acquires Gårdsman

MIDAQ has today, via the business area MIDAQ Outdoor Living, signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Gårdsman AB by Niclas Samuelsson and Mattias Öhrling, Mek & Maskin Rumskulla AB. Gårdsman AB is a reseller of outdoor products from e.g. Husqvarna, Gardena, Stihl, Fogelsta and a number of complementary products. Sales and […]

New office and new address

We at MIDAQ have now finally completed our new office which is centrally located at Östra Storgatan 20 in Jönköping. The office has been completely renovated by Fastighets AB Lundberg and designed by Karin Lund Design AB, BIG THANKS to both parties for a good job! The office meets our current needs but at the […]